Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You can't get there from here!

This is my first day of blogging. Let's see: I've setup a profile (but it needs editing,) I've poked around Blogger to find a suitable name and url (but already feel like changing it,) I've added all sorts of information to my profile (all the while wondering if Google is going to sell my data to devious people around the internet who will bombard me with emails offering such things as lewd sexual devices, chemicals to increase my sexual prowess, nearly free drugs and easy money from widows in the middle east.)

I'm taking a shot at blogging because a dear friend, Doris, tells me it's therapeutic. After following her wonderful blog for several months I suspect she's right so .... here I am.

I love creative writing. Around 2002 I joined a writing group back in our old community of Heritage Harbour, a retirement community in Annapolis, Maryland. From the start I loved writing although I'd never written anything other than technicial material in my job with General Motors. I found I loved the writing group and, to tell you the truth, I feel I blossomed into what I would have to call a mediocre writer (I don't really believe that. I believe I'm a better than average amateur writer.)

After moving to Arkansas I found myself a little adrift and searching for additions to my lifestyle. My all-knowing, all-seeing wife, God love her, recognized my malaise and quickly organized the Conway Creative Writer group, just so I'd have my beloved writing available to me again. Wonder of wonders; the group has grown into a fine roundtable (actually rectangular) of members who's common bond is a love of writing and journaling. It's fair to say that our bond is now more than simply writing. We are a group of diverse folks who truly care about each other. Our two sessions each Friday are the highpoints of our week.

Okay! Enough of this sorry initial effort. I suppose I'll start tomorrow pouring out my darkest, innermost secrets and exposing my warts - my flaws - to everyone. Well.....that's not going to happen! Still, in the meantime, I'll think of something.

Talk to you later, arkiedan

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grammyof13 said...

Welcome to my theraputic world of blogging. Verlon is about to think Im having a love-affair with someone online as I am on the computer so much. I think I'll just keep him guessing!!??

I am looking so farward to your candor and even sarcasm of the world from where you stand.

I promise, you are going to love it. I am adding you to my blog list.